Why should I buy your video lectures?

My video lectures are based  on the CFA® curriculum.  I help you understand the most important concepts and prepare you to solve examples and practice problem from the curriculum. The curriculum questions cover the most testable concepts and hence should be taken very seriously.  Students who diligently listen to these lectures and follow my advice (Practice, Practice, Practice) have a very high pass rate. 
The video lectures  will help you save time.
The lectures are downloadable and you can listen to them as often as you want.
I have several videos on YouTube (www.youtube.com/arifirfanullah). You can listen to  these  videos to determine whether my style works for you. 
You can also request access to some of my paid videos before deciding to purchase.
With the CFA Level I Premium Package you also have an option to ask questions.
If you want you can listen to my sales pitch on YouTube.


Are your video lectures avilable for all three levels?
Currently my video lectures are available for Level I and Level II.  I plan to release CFA Level III videos over a five month between November 2012 and March 2013. 
What do I get when I purchase your videos and will I need any other material (such as Schweser notes)?
When you make an online purchase you will receive access to my  video lectures (mp4 format) and associated slides  (PDF format).  This material is hosted on Google Drive.  You can view the material online or download to your computer. 
Between the CFA curriculum and my video lectures you have the core material to prepare for your exam.  Strictly speaking you do not need Schweser (or other prep provider) notes. However, there is no harm in using prep provider notes as additional reference material.  If you have done the questions from the curriculum then you can get practice problems from prep providers.
Can I pass the exam by simply listening to your video  lectures?
In addition to listening to my video lectures you must practice as much as possible.  The best place to practice is the curriculum.  Do the examples and practice problems at least three times before the actual exam.  If you have done all the problems from the curriculum and feel you need more practice then you can rely on prep provider questions.  Schweser's QBank is quite popular in this regard.   In the last 4-5 weeks you should focus on CFA Mock and Sample Exams.  If you have more time then you can also solve Schweser's practice exams. 
Do you offer free video lectures?
In 2011 I created video recordings for the entire CFA Level I curriculum and released them on YouTube.  Thousands of students have benefited from these lectures.  Other than Economics which has changed substantially since 2011, the free lectures on YouTube  are still very relevant and generally alligned with the CFA Level I curriculum.  These lectures are popular with CFA candidates around the world.
What is the difference between the free CFA Level I videos on YouTube and the videos which you sell?
In the YouTube lectures the focus is on core concepts.  In the paid lectures I cover the concepts again but spend more time on examples and application of the concepts. Hence the paid lectures comlement the YouTube material.  With the paid lectures  you also  get the lecture slides.  Finally the paid lectures are updated every year to reflect changes in the CFA curriculum. 
What  is the difference between the CFA Level I Basic and Premium packages?
Currently I offer a Premium package only for CFA Level  I candidates.  When you sign up for this package you effectively become part of my CFA Level I batch and are required to follow my schedule. With this package you have the option of asking questions.  You also get  a quiz at the end of very topic.  The batch for the June 2013 exam will start in early December. The schedule will be published by 30 November 2012.
How do I order  and pay for your videos?
You can order online with any major credit card using the Buy Now buttons.  The process  is managed by Google Wallet/Checkout.  When you sign up with Google Wallet make sure the name/address you provide is the same as the name/address on the credit  card being used.
You can also pay via PayPal.  My PayPal id is: arif.irfanullah@gmail.com
Finally, you can make a payment using WesternUnion.  Please email me at arif.irfanullah@gmail.com if you want to use this method. 
How do  I access the videos?
The videos and slides are hosted on Google Drive.  Within 12 hours  of placing your order and providing your email id (preferably a gmail/Google id), you will receive access to the relevant material on Google Drive.  Since Google Drive works best with a gmail/Google id, we strongly recommend that you provide us a with a gmail/Google id. 
You have the option of viewing our material online or downloading to your computer.
 Do the videos work on iPads and iPhones?
The videos work on all platforms which support support mp4. This includes iPads and iPhones.  For best performace we recommend that you download the Google Drive app which is free. Another stragegy is as follows:
1. Go to drive.google.com and login
2. Select your video
3. You'll get a link which will let you download the file
4.  The video will play after a few seconds
What media  player do you recommend?
For best performance I recommend the VLC player. 

Should I study from Schweser or the Curriculum?

Try reading the curriculum first.  If you find that this takes too much time, you can switch to Schweser  (or other prep provider).  In any case you must do the examples and practice problems from the curriculum.  


How much study is enough?
You need between 200 and 500 hours of study depending on your academic level and background.  Try to start your studies at least 6 months before the exam and spend 2-3 hours per day.  After doing a reading you should remember the important formulas and should be able to do the problems in the curriculum. 
How should I schedule my studies?
Your goal should be to finish the course 4 weeks before the exam.  This way the last 4 weeks can be spent on revision and practice.  The amount of time you spend on each topic should depend  on relative weightage of the topic and your prior knowledge about that topic.


How should I study for Ethics?
At Level I Ethics represents 15% of the exam and hence should be taken very seriously.  I suggest you read the curriculum for this topic.     If reading the curriculum is just too difficult for you, one shortcut is to listen to my lectures.  After listening to the lecture for a given standard, carefully read the ‘Application of the Standard’ section in the curriculum which is given after every sub-standard.  Here you’ll find lots of good examples.  Carefully going though these examples is perhaps the best way to prepare for the Ethics segment on the exam.  

Where should I practice from?

Curriculum questions are the best practice.  The CFAI Mock and Sample exams are also excellent practice.  You should certainly do these exams for your year.  If you can get hold of CFAI Mocks and Samples from previous years, they are great practice too. 

A lot of people use the Scheweser Q-Bank.  The good thing about the Q-Bank is that it allows you to come up with practice questions based on a specific reading or LOS.  The negative is that if Schweser does not cover a particular area well (such as Indifference Curves in Portfolio Management) then they will not have good questions in this area either!

In general if you have time after doing all the CFAI questions, it is best to get your questions from a range of sources.  If you are studying the notes of prep provider A, then do the questions from providers B and C.  This will give you a better perspective.

Do you provide questions?

I use examples and practice problems from the Curriculum to explain important concepts.  There are enough questions from CFAI and other prep providers so I don’t see much value in adding more questions.