The Incredible Power of Gratitude

Have you ever reflected on all that you’ve received from your parents, teachers, family, friends and others?  If not, now is a wonderful time to start.  Here are some specific suggestions:

Think about what your parents have done for you.  Focus on the positives.  Avoid thoughts about what you feel your parents could have or should been.  Remember, no one is perfect. Not even your parents.  Nevertheless, they’ve probably done far more for you than what you’ve ever done from them.  Develop a deep feeling of gratitude towards your parents.  All your interactions with your parents should reflect that feeling of gratitude.

After parents come your teachers. Think about your teachers and how they’ve helped you develop.  To whatever extent possible reach out to them and express your gratitude.

For many of you there will be grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunties, cousins and friends who have helped and supported you.  Be grateful to them and find ways to be grateful.

Think of people who have driven you around, who have cooked for you, who have cleaned your houses, your classes and your hallways.  Often, they work very hard and yet are completely unappreciated.  You can change that!