Islamic Lecture Series

The objective of these lectures is to help us develop a comprehensive and holistic understanding of our religion.  Whether or not you consider yourself to be religiously inclined, I’m confident that you’ll find the lectures very informative.  

1. Azmat e Quran (Greatness of the Quran)
2. Rahe Najaat (The path to salvation)
3. Haqeeqat e Imaan (The reality of iman/faith)
4. Amal e Saleh (Good deeds)
5. Tawasi Bil Haq (Enjoining the truth)
6. Tawasi Bis Sabr (Enjoining patience)
7. Haqeeqat e Nifaq (The reality of hypocrisy)
8. Haqeeqat o Iqsaame e Shirk (The reality of shirk and the different types of shirk)
9. Iqamat e Deen (Establishing deen)

Below are the video links to the lectures till now: