The Quranic Message

This course will be conduct on Sundays at 6 PM Pakistan time (9 AM New York).  The first class will be on Sunday 6 June 2021.  The sessions will be on Zoom. 

Zoom id: 858 8024 7147
Password: 820392

The purpose of this course is to help participants develop an understanding of the key messages of the Quran. In the first class on 6th June, I’ll talk about the importance of the Quran and give an overview of how the course will be conducted. For subsequent classes, participants will be requested to pre-read approximately one Juz (Sipara) with meaning. So before the 13th June class you will be asked to read the first sixteen rukus of Surah Baqarah. In class we will discuss the key points and messages. The 20th June class will be based on the next 16 rukus and so on. In approximately thirty weeks we will in sha Allah go through the whole Quran. I hope and pray that this course instills in us the desire to study the Quran in more detail and to live our lives based on the teachings of the Quran. 

About the instructor:  Arif Irfanullah is an Arabic instructor at Quran Academy and 2nd year Dars-e-Nizami student at Hidayah Academy. He has completed a 1-year Quran course at Quran Academy and is currently a visiting professor at IBA.