What Students Say

From Toronto, Canada:

I had attempted the CFA® Level 1 back in 2002. I lost my way spending months on Economics which I realise now was not the right approach. I grossly underestimated the amount of material and the amount of commitment needed and of course quite rightly did not pass.  After ten years I decided to give it a second try and I enrolled back in Feb 2012 for the Dec Level 1 exam.  I found your lectures online and they have been wonderful for me. The marvel of the internet is amazing.  As I watched and listened to your lectures, with the call to prayer sometimes in the background or the sounds of the birds through the window, or a door opening and closing announcing a late arrival  it felt like I was actually in your classroom and a part of the group. By the end of next week I will have listened to all of your 2011 and 2012 lectures which by the way is in excess of 120 hours and I have enjoyed them and your gifted way of explaining complex material.

I have one suggestion and one request/suggestion to enhance your lectures.

  A) I loved the joke on Donald Trump and how much you enjoyed telling it. My suspicion is that you have a very good sense of humour and I suggest you use it more in your lectures as humour tends to stick, or you would say it puts "a hook in your head" an expression by the way that I had never heard before!

 B) I would like to ask you to consider please a lecture to review the basics of Calculus, Algebra and Trigonometry that is applied to Economics and to a lesser extent throughout the Level 1. I should think you could cover it very nicely with examples from the curriculum in 30 min to an hour . I know it would be a great help to me and I would think it would also be welcomed by a number of other candidates. It would round off your lectures very nicely. I don't believe any of your competitors provide a lecture specific to the basics it would be one more way to differentiate your program from the Schwesers’ of the world. 


From Edmonton, Canada:

After deciding to pursue the CFA, I could not imagine reading every line within each text book. Thank goodness I stumbled upon Arif's level one videos on Youtube. These were my saving grace. His videos provided me with a comprehensive understanding of 99.9% of the TESTABLE material for the exam. It was a nobrainer for me to purchase his full Level 2 videos and accompanying practice quizzes. Again, his level 2 videos were great and provided a great value compared to others in the market. If successful (figures crossed), I will definitely purchase his level 3 videos as well. I have no hesitation to recommend his video series to help CFA candidates increase their chances on passing.


From Karachi, Pakistan:

When I registered for my CFA Level 1 and got the books designed by the CFA  Institute I was overwhelmed with the course content. The level of details the Curriculm goes through is just staggering. I thought I could never complete the course in time, let alone pass. Close to about a month before the actual exam a friend reffered me to the videos presented by IFT.  Although the videos seemed long at first, I was amazed how quickly I completed a chapter as compared to self-study. The best part? We never skipped a learning objective. I highly reccomend these videos to anyone sitting for the exam, especially students who are working full-time. Time is a precious resource, and the IFT videos make the most of it! 


From Delhi, India:

I passed Level 1 exam solely after going through your set of lectures. The style of teaching is wonderful and the thurst is on clearing core concepts. I also used his lectures for L2 examination and without doubt they are the best in the market. Arif's unique pedagogical skills makes you feel that you are present in the classroom. He was very receptive and keen to address my problems whenever i had any. I have heard many lectures from other instructors but after listening to Arif I feel he is the only one who gives you value for money.


From New York, USA:

You did a fantastic job of making complex topics easy to understand. Thank you

If I go on to level 2 I will certainly purchase your lectures. 

Do you plan on offering anything for level 3?


From Moscow, Russia:

You are great person and great tutor. I regret I found your video lectures in second half of my preparation course.

Thanks a lot for inspiration and wonderful advises you gave. Whatever I pass level I or not I am confident about my source of further training. I wish you to create great financial education business globally not only Pakistan. 

By the way now I know better your country which is I think also nice. Thanks a lot. 



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